The business strategy employed by the Group towards shipping is to offer a one-stop integrated ship-related service solutions for clients. Ship investors can approach us for ship investments and investment related services including asset management services; ship operators can look for us for ship chartering and management; and ship owners can contact us for ship finance arrangement solutions, ship management and brokerage services. The strategy of offering a wide array of maritime related services would ensure the Group is resilient regardless of the market conditions and allow for growth in the long term.

The Group’s shipping business is organised into the following three sub-category:

  1. Shipping Owning and Chartering
  2. Maritime Asset Management
  3. Maritime Services

Ship Owning
and Chartering

Ship Owning and Chartering

Ship Owning and Chartering

Ship Owning and Chartering business segment comprises of the business under Uni-Asia Shipping and 2 wholly-owned ships of the Group.

Uni-Asia Shipping is earmarked as the Group’s ship-owning subsidiary focusing on a portfolio of small and medium size dry bulk carriers to provide a stable recurring charter income base to the Group. Further, Uni-Asia Shipping is able to provide ship commercial management service.

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Asset Management

Maritime Asset Management

Investment/ Asset Management of Ships
Finance Arrangement

Maritime Asset Management ("MAM") has the expertise to (i) plan and develop investment structures, either as standalone special purpose vehicles or shipping funds, and (ii) manage such structures as asset manager.

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Maritime Services

Commercial/ Technical Management of Ships
Ship Related Brokerage Services

Maritime Services oversees the Group’s subsidiary Wealth Ocean Ship Management Shanghai Co., Ltd, a ship management company based in Shanghai.

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The complete ship protfolio of the Group: