Uni-Asia Shipping

Uni-Asia Shipping is earmarked as the Group’s ship-owning subsidiary focusing on a portfolio of small and medium size dry bulk carriers to provide a stable recurrent charter income base to the Group. Further, Uni-Asia Shipping is able to provide ship commercial management.

Uni-Asia Shipping’s strategy is to focus on handysize bulk carriers as handysize bulk carriers are versatile in the types of cargo load they can carry. Such cargo loads include grains, cement, clinker, mineral sands, coal, logs and steel products. Dues to small handysize bulk carriers’ versatility, liquidity in the handysize bulk market is high.

Depending on the market conditions and clients’ need, Uni-Asia Shipping portfolio of small handy dry bulk carriers may be chartered through a single trip voyage charter or up to a few years’ time charter.

The ship portfolio under Uni-Asia Shipping excluding commercial management ships is as follows:

*Bareboat Vessel