Board of Directors

Mr. Michio Tanamoto
Executive Chairman

Mr. Michio Tanamoto was appointed Executive Chairman of Uni-Asia Group Limited on 30 April 2020. Mr. Tanamoto was appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in April 2014, before he relinquished his position as Chief Executive Officer in 2020 as part of the Group’s succession planning. He is one of the founders who established the Company in 1997 and has been a Director since then. He has over 40 years of experience in financial sector, having based in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 1980, Mr. Tanamoto joined The Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, Ltd. Between 1988 and 1993, he was a senior manager of Takugin International (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong, the offshore merchant banking arm of The Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, Ltd. Following which, Mr. Tanamoto was a deputy general manager of the Singapore Branch of The Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, Ltd. from 1995 to 1997. Mr. Tanamoto is also currently Managing Director of Uni-Asia Capital (Singapore) Limited and also a Director of the Company’s subsidiaries including Uni-Asia Holdings Limited, Uni-Asia Capital Company, Uni Ships and Management Limited, Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd, and Uni-Asia Investment Ltd. Mr. Tanamoto obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from Hitotsubashi University of Japan in 1980.

Mr Masahiro Iwabuchi
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Masahiro Iwabuchi was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Uni-Asia Group Limited on 29 February 2024, and concurrently Chairman of the Group’s Management Committee and Review Committee. He has been an Executive Director since March 2018. He joined the Group when it was established in 1997 and was appointed as Senior Managing Director on 30 April 2014. Mr. Iwabuchi heads the Property Investment Department. He has extensive experience in the banking industry throughout Asia including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the PRC, having spent some 13 years with The Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, Ltd. He has accumulated a property investment expertise in PRC, Japan and Hong Kong afterwards. He is currently President of Uni-Asia Investment Ltd., also a director of the company’s subsidiaries including Uni-Asia Holdings Limited, Uni-Asia Capital Company Limited, Uni-Asia Guangzhou Property Management Co., Ltd, Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd, and some asset holding companies in which the Company invests. He completed Licensing Examination for HKSI Specialist Certificate (Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Derivatives and Securities). Mr. Iwabuchi graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics from Hirosaki University of Japan in 1985. In addition to Japanese, Mr. Iwabuchi speaks fluent Mandarin.

Mr Yukihiro Toda
Executive Director

Mr. Yukihiro Toda was appointed as an Executive Director of Uni-Asia Group Limited on 1 March 2018. He is concurrently the President of Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd. a position he held since December 2011. Mr. Toda joined the Group in 1998, and was appointed Chief Investment Officer of Uni-Asia Capital (Japan) Ltd. in February 2000. While in this role, he was responsible for overall real estate fund management business and property investment business in Japan. Between 1985 and 1998, Mr. Toda was with The Hokkaido Takushoku Bank Ltd. and HSBC Securities Tokyo Branch. While with The Hokkaido Takushoku Bank, Ltd. Mr. Toda worked in various Asian cities including Tokyo, South Korea and Hong Kong. In HSBC Securities, Mr. Toda was with its Tokyo Branch, where he was involved in international finance, structured finance and origination of syndicated loans. Mr. Toda is a director of the company’s subsidiary, Uni-Asia Holdings Limited. Mr. Toda graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Yokohama National University in 1985.

Mr. Lee Gee Aik
Lead Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Lee Gee Aik was appointed as an independent director of the Company on 4 January 2016. Mr. Lee is currently the CFO/Financial Director of AlphaRock Family Office Pte Ltd., a multi-family office with a capital market services licence. He was the Executive Vice Chairman of E2-C Capital Holdings Ltd, listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange playing a key role in its successful RTO. Mr. Lee is an accountant with many years of experience in accounting and audit having been with both KPMG Singapore and USA and as a practising public accountant in Singapore. He also has hospitality industry experience working for a leading chain of hotels in Asia. Mr. Lee qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom. He also obtained a Master of Business Administration from Henley Management College, United Kingdom. He is currently a Fellow with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom and The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. He presently also serves as an independent director on the board of Anchun International Holdings Ltd. and SHS Holdings Limited, and a nonindependent non-executive director of Astaka Holdings Limited.

Mr Philip Chan Kam Loon
Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. Philip Chan Kam Loon was appointed as an Independent Director of the Company on 1 March 2018. Mr. Chan holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He has many years of experience in accounting and audit with KPMG London and PWC Singapore, investment banking with Morgan Grenfell Asia and HG Asia Securities and was a director of private equity investments at Suez Asia Holdings. Mr. Chan was head of the Listings Function of Markets Group at the Singapore Exchange for 3 years. Mr. Chan has also served on the Singapore’s Accounting Standards Committee, Singapore Zhejiang Business Council and also Singapore Shandong Business Council as well as non-executive director of National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre and Vision Fund, the international microfinance arm of global charity World Vision. He also serves as independent director of several other SGX listed companies.

Ms Juliana Lee Kim Lian
Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms. Juliana Lee was appointed as an Independent Director of the Company on 1 March 2019. Ms. Lee is a Director of Aptus Law Corporation. She has more than 30 years of experience in legal practice and currently heads the corporate practice of Aptus Law Corporation. Her main areas of practice are corporate law, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore and is a member of the Singapore Institute of Directors. Ms. Lee also presently serves as an independent director on the board of Nordic Group Limited, Dyna-Mac Holdings Ltd and VCPlus Limited (formerly Anchor Resources Limited).