Corporate Profile

Uni-Asia Group Limited is an alternative investment company specialising in creating alternative investment opportunities and providing integrated services relating to such investments. The Group’s alternative investment targets are mainly cargo ships and properties. A common trait of these investments is that they require specialised skillset to manage the cash flows in order for value to be created and extracted. The Group also has extensive know-how and network relating to such alternative investments and provides services relating these investments. By having a diversified portfolio of alternative investments, and capabilities to provide services pertaining to different alternative investment assets, the Group is less susceptible to the downside risk of a particular asset class and more resilient in the long run. An overview of some of the capabilities of the Group is as follows:

i.Asset/Investment Management
The Group provides asset/investment management services pertaining to ships and properties, as well as advisory services for such asset management, including developing suitable investment structure in clients’ best interests. In particular, the Group is able to source for co-investment opportunities for property investment in Japan and Hong Kong.

ii.Finance Arrangement
The Group acts as an agent in the arrangement of financing solutions, including tax oriented leases for clients.

iii.Sale and Purchase Brokerage
The Group acts as an agent in the arrangement of sale and purchase of ships and properties.

iv.Ship Chartering as a Ship Owner
The Group charters out ships owned or managed by the Group to third party ship charterer in order to achieve best value for the ships.

v.Ship Chartering Brokerage
The Group arranges charter for ships for charter brokerage income.

vi.Ship Commercial/Technical Management
The Group provides commercial/technical management of ships.

vii.Project Management
The Group provides ad hoc project management services such as management of ship building projects.

viii.Property Leasing Arrangements
The Group acts as an agent in the arrangement of lease for properties owned or managed by the Group.

ix.Property Management
The Group provides property management services for properties that are leased out.

x.Construction Management
The Group provides construction management services in overseeing the construction process of properties.